Saturday, October 18, 2008

Andrea Bat Mitzvah 09/06/08

Hi Jim,
The Bat Mitzvah is over and the room looked beautiful with the hydrangea arrangement. On Friday morning, 2 boxes of flowers arrived, the ones you sent Thursday pm and the box that was lost over Indianapolis for 24 hours! To be honest, once they were opened, you couldn't tell the difference. The flowers in the delayed box looked good, so the extra time in transit did no harm.
The flowers that arrived on Thurs am, hydrated overnight in pails (see pictures). On Friday morning, while we waited for the other shipment, we started to make the arrangements with the ones we had. When the other arrived we unpacked, cut and put them in the pails and misted them heavily.
We only had time to let them hydrate for 4 hours before we made the remaining arrangements. Everyone commented on how beautiful they were (pictures of the room and arrangements attached).
Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. I'm sure you could hear the panic in my voice on Thursday when only one box arrived. I had visions of driving around the neighborhoods in the dark of night stealing hydrangeas off of everyone's shrubs!! You were very generous to rush out another box.
In the end, we had a lovely day and the flowers gave the room an elegant and sophisticated look.
Thanks again, Andrea

The girl of honor,Isabel, posing with the hydrangea flowers after they were unpacked.

After a 1 day delay the flowers are hydrated in buckets and ready for arranging.

Individual finished Hydrangea Bouquet
arranged beautifully in a white pail.

Hydrangea bouquets as Centerpieces on Saturday. Picked on Tuesday, hydrated overnight in the 39 degree cooler and shipped FedEx overnight from CA to Massachusetts on Wednesday to arrive on Thursday.

Hydrangea Flower Centerpieces, ready for
the guests to arrive.

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