Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WOW, Exceeded All Expectations !!

Purchase: 100 hydrangeas in blue, green and white to be mailed from CA to TX. on July 18th

I purchased my flowers Wednesday, they were cut and shipped Thursday, they arrived Friday and needed to last until Sunday night. Nervous? Most definitely. Did they wilt? Not at ALL!

First, they arrived early in the morning in a huge and well packed box with ice packs. When I opened it, they were EXACTLY the colors I had in mind. I spent many emails and phone conversations with Jim trying to communicate the color preferences I had and what I was hoping to get. He nailed it!!!! :D

The scariest part was wondering if they'd last for a few days. I immediately re-cut all stems and put them in their vases according to the directions. On the day of the wedding, we re-cut to the appropriate length, put all 100 into huge coolers and headed out.

They stayed beautiful, fresh, perky and colorful. I was so excited to put them out on our tables and around our cake. They were *perfect*. The happiest vendor experience of my wedding, probably!!! And SUCH a good price compared to a full florist!!!!!

Quality !!! Quality !!! Quality !!!

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