Saturday, February 07, 2009

Antonina Wedding 1-03-09

This wedding proved to us at that we could provide our hydrangea blooms to our customers at this time of year. It also showed us that we were able to have the flowers arrive in beautiful condition even in the winter snows.
Antonina was wonderful to send us these pictures of her wedding and for the following testimonial.

Hello Mr. Hipple,
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful hydrangeas. They were the perfect touch to our winter wedding. I know it was the end of the season for you and I so appreciate you going ahead and sending us the order.
We used our pantry to organize the flowers and as instructed cut the hydrangeas under water and soaked them until we were ready to start arranging bouquets. I have had hydrangeas in the house before but never thought to give them a good bath. What a difference that made.
The flowers were amazing and remained fresh and vibrant days after the wedding. Thank you for adding the sparkle to make my dream wedding even more memorable. Regards,Antonina

(preping the flowers to be used in the wedding.)

Hello Mr. Hipple,

I do appreciate you sending the hydrangeas despite the snow. They were so lovely and added the perfect touch to the wedding. We had so many compliments and highly recommended you to our friends.
Thank you again. I can't wait to order hydrangeas from you again.

(Close-Up of one of the bridal bouquets)

Hydrangea used on the ends of the Church Pew

(Close-Up of the Church Pew arrangement)

Hydrangea flowers used to decorate the wedding cake.

The Happy Couple and the Wedding Party


Pat Kelley said...

Hello, I'm thinking of having hydrangea's on our wedding cake. I see you had them on yours. Did you place the flowers directly on the cake? I read one website that said that hydrangeas should not be used on the cake because they are known to be toxic. Any tips would be helpful with this.

Hydrangea Flowers 4 U said...

Eating the hydrangea flowers would not be good, but as you can see from these customers on this blog they used our flowers on their cakes and I’ve never heard of any adverse reactions, but it’s totally up to you. Check out our blog to see and read of their experiences with our product.