Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kacie and Ty Mitchell, November 1st Wedding 2008
Hello Jim,I wanted to touch base with you and send you some pictures of the flowers we received from you for our wedding. We loved them and it made our arrangements absolutely gorgeous. I will tell you one thing, maybe its common knowledge, but it took me about an hour of struggling to figure it out, but you should remind or warn those that are buying the flowers to also purchase cutting sheers. I had scissors at first then a razor blade and finally someone suggested garden sheers. I know it probably makes since to most people, but it would have reduced my time by 1/2 had I had those in the beginning. Other than that, every part of buying the flowers from you was amazing!

Immersing the flowers under water

When the flowers got in they we in need of fluffing and water and once we got them in the tub they looked great.

It was so easy to arrange the flowers and I am so happy with the results of everything. We had an absolutely amazing wedding and everyone commented on how much they loved the decor and the flowers. Thank you again, I hope you enjoy the pictures, Take care,Kacie and Ty Mitchell November 1, 2008 Wedding

finnished centerpieces and Bridal Bouquet

Table set and the Banquet Celebration!

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