Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anne Conder Wedding 5-30-09

Unpacking the hydrangea flowers upon arrival and placing the 300 flower order in storage.

The Hydrangea Flowers placed in a cool location getting hydrated before they are made into the boutonnieres, bouquets and the Pew and Table top arrangements.

Pictures of the bride with hydrangea bridal bouquet.

Bride holding bridal bouquet.

Groom holding bridal bouquet.

Hydrangea bouquets kept in water up to the time of use to keep them fresh, Leave an inch or two of stem exposed to get them into the water w/out getting your ribbon wet.

Looks like they kept the hydrangea boutonnieres in moist baggies up to the time of actual use.

Hydrangea boutonnieres were pieces of the hydrangea flower head assembled together and tied with florist tape.

Hydrangea bouquet in hand ,boutonniere on the lapel and notice the hydrangeas on the ends of the church pews.

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