Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The happiest bride...ever! .... Natalie Rogovin's 8-07-10 Wedding

Dear Jim,
I cannot begin to tell you that your flowers were the most beautiful that I have ever seen.  The photos on your website don't even begin to do justice to the flowers.  They say a picture says a thousands words, so rather than go on about how AMAZING they are I have attached some photos from my wedding.  There photos were taken by my photographer, but I own the pictures and their rights so feel free to use.
Thank you!!!!!
Natalie Rogovin
Close Up of Natalie's Bridesmaids bouquet...w/ a peacock feather ...
The blue and antique hydrangea complimented her bridesmaids very well !!
Natalie...with her white hydrangea bouquet and her 3 beautiful bridesmaids !!
These Girls are having a Great time enjoying Natalie's Special Day....Glad to have been able to add to it by supplying our hydrangea flowers

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