Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Time Back 2008

This is my first post to the Blog in 2008. Customers to our web site have been inquiring as to why I haven't posted anything this year 08. No excuses just occupied with so many things.

Anyways here is a great reason to submit a post.

Meghan Kerr purchased some hydrangea flowers from us that we shipped to her on June 25th this year for her wedding. She sent me these great photos of her wedding and this following comment.

Hi Jim,Sorry it took me so long to respond, but unfortunately life doesn't getting any less busy after a wedding! The flowers we received were absolutely beautiful! Putting together my own centerpieces and bouquets was very therapeutic with all the wedding hustle and bustle, and the fact the flowers were absolutely gorgeous made it more memorable and special! The colors were so vivid, and all of the stems arrived in great shape. Thank you so much for the care you put into my order! I've attached some pictures I took (my mother in law and my aunt helped me- I'm the one in the gray shirt),

Thank you again!~Meghan Kerr

Mother In Law & Aunt helping Meghan with the arrangements.

Finished arrangement , very creative.

Tables set up with the arrangements, all set to Go!

Cut pieces of Hydrangea Blooms decorating Meghan's Wedding Cake.

Brides Maids Meghan & the Groom with the Hydrangea Bouquets they made!

Congratulations for such a beautiful Hydrangea Wedding Flower Event and for your Wedding!

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Shannah said...

I am doing a weding cake similar to the one shown. Approximately how many stems did it take to accomplish this look?