Monday, July 21, 2008

Hydrangea Week 7-21-08

.Three quarters of the way thru July and you’re already hearing about “Back to School” sales in the stores. Don’t let my daughters or her friends hear about going back because they are having too much fun going to the beach each day after work.
It’s been fun seeing my girls grow up and to be able to help “Dear Ol’ Dad” out before they up and completely fly out of the nest. But as these hydrangea flowers start out as tender buds and are nurtured into full bloom; they eventually need to leave and bring happiness to many others. (Can’t keep them to myself).

Nicky, Natalie and Emily, Such Happy little Workers.

Multi Colored Antique

Blue antiquing More fully to Green

Blue starting to antique.

Lavender Antique , Bronzing.

Pink Antique

Dark Blue

Sky Blue




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