Saturday, July 19, 2008

Marcia O'Hern Wedding

Marcia was so wonderful to send me these photos of the Hydrangeas we sent to her on 07/09/08 of her Wedding event. She also included these comments of how she performed her art of creating this beautiful wedding hydrangea event you see pictured below.

Hi Jim,
Thanks so much for the great hydrangeas. The colors were fabulous and as these pictures show the hydrangeas were lovely.
The flowers arrived just before 10a.m. as your e-mail stated. I submersed them in water and then began to untie and separate the hydrangeas. Using a diagonal cut under water I then put them into buckets over night and kept them very cool.
On Friday, using oasis I arranged 3 hydrangeas in 4x4x4 glass vases and then using a glue gun I put cream ribbon around the glass vase.
For the bridal party bouquets I added pink wax flowers and seeded eucalyptus because the bride wanted a feeling of wild flowers as opposed to a sophisticated bouquet. On Friday I wrapped the bridal party bouquets with florist tape and Saturday 2 hours before the ceremony I wrapped the green floral tape using cream ribbon. I left enough of the stem at the bottom so that the bouquets could be put in a vase with cold water until they were to be used.
I used vials for 16 flowers in order to use them on the wooden railings at the restaurant. Two hours before the ceremony we cut the wax flowers and hydrangeas to be used on the different levels of the fountain and added greenery. The flowers were so fresh when they arrived that I didn't even need to submerse all of them in water.
Again, thank you for your great communication and for the very fresh flowers. They looked gorgeous.
I look forward to using you again.
Marcia O'Hern

Creating the beautiful Bouquets

The finished Product.

The table Centerpieces; 3 Hydrangea blooms inserted in a square vase with oasis foam.

The Bridal Bouquets w/ wax flower and seeded eucalyptus a less sophisticated look

Beautiful Girls and Bouquets to match!

Brides Maids and Flower Girls in waiting.

She cleverly used vials inserted onto these Hydrangea blooms and tied then to the rails.

Bridal Party.

Table Centerpieces at the Reception.

Hydrangea Blooms floating in the fountain.


Diane said...

I would like to make fresh hydranga topiaries for centerpieces. What is the best way to let them dry for keepsakes?

Anonymous said...

It depends on the maturity of the flower. When the flowers start to antique, mid summer to late fall is best.The fresh flowers will just crumple after a week. e-mail me at